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Released - April 29th

The Crimes of Diana Eastlake
by Mort Paterson

Diana Eastlake, a rich NYC socialite, faces a crisis when her daughter is kidnapped in Syria. She can raise the ransom by bankrupting herself, but it's illegal to pay ransom to terrorists. Will she go ahead, and if she does, can she pull it off and stay out of jail? The answers may surprise you.

Released - May 6th

The Importance of Being Earnest
by Oscar Wilde

"A trivial comedy for serious people" This story of two Victorian aristocrats trying to escape their social burdens, by means of fake identities, contains all of Oscar Wilde's characteristic wit, Victorian charm, and biting social commentary, without ever becoming too serious.

Released - May 13th

Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare

In this much-loved comedy, shipwrecked Viola disguises herself as a man, falls in love with the duke she serves, and is wooed by a titled lady. Meanwhile, a gaggle of bawdy retainers torment the pompous butler. Hilarity ensues, of course.

Released - May 20th

Major Barbara
by George Bernard Shaw

A 1905 comedy about a lovely Salvation Army major whose path is challenged by her ambitious mother and arms-magnate father.

Released - May 27th

Julius Caesar
by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's absorbing drama about politics, power, conscience, and intrigue, centering on the events of one fateful day in March. As relevant today as it was when first penned, the Bard of Avon shows ancient Rome was no mere toga party. It serves as a reminder as to how back-stabbing politicians can really be.

Released - June 3rd

The Merchant of Venice
by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's classic about Shylock's quest for revenge and "a pound of flesh."

Released - June 10th

by George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw's charming English comedy. The central characters are a clergyman, his wife Candida and a young poet who tries to win her affections.

Released - June 17th

An Ideal Husband
by Oscar Wilde

As reimagined and adapted by Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski and Charlotte Kirkby, Wilde's comedic masterpiece of blackmail and political corruption moves effortlessly into D.C.'s world of politics and scandal in the 1960s.

Released - June 24th

Uncle Vanya
by Anton Chekhov

This bittersweet comedy about dysfunction and longings is as fresh and relevant as anything being written today.