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Spider's Web by Agatha Christie

Performance dates: January 31-February 16, 2020
Heritage Center
635 N. Delmorr Avenue
(next to the Calhoun Street Bridge)
Morrisville, PA
Sunday Nov 24, 2:00pm - 5:00 pm
Tuesday, Nov 26, 7:30 - 10:00 pm


Clarissa is the second wife of Henry Hailsham-Brown and is adept at spinning tales of adventure for their bored diplomatic circle. When a murder takes place in her drawing room, she finds live drama much harder to cope with, especially as it seems the murderer is her young stepdaughter, Pippa. Worse still, the victim is the man who broke up Henry's first marriage! Desperate to dispose of the body before her husband arrives with an important politician, she enlists the help of her guests. Hilarity ensues when they are interrupted by the arrival of wry detective, Inspector Lord.

In this parody of the detective thriller, Christie delivers a unique blend of suspense and humor. There is tension and laughter in equal parts in an intricate plot of murder, police, drug addiction, hidden doorways and secret drawers.

  • Clarissa Hailsham-Brown: Age 20s to 30s. The second wife of Henry Hailsham-Brown, charming and inventive, her imagination tends to work overtime, with some unexpected consequences.
  • Henry Hailsham-Brown: Age 40-50s. Clarissa's husband. A good-looking man of about forty with a rather expressionless face who works in the foreign office, a strong, solid type.
  • Pippa Hailsham-Brown: : Appears to be about 12 years old; she is Clarissa's young stepdaughter. She exhibits the strong emotional swings of a pre-teen, made worse by previous family problems; she will need to look strong enough for Clarissa (and the audience) to believe that she could have clobbered Oliver.
  • Mildred Peake: She is a jolly-looking woman of middle age, in tweeds and gum boots. The gardener with a hale and hearty attitude, some suspect that she isn't all there-but she is.
  • Sir Rowland Delahaye: Age 50+. A distinguished gentleman with very definite charm. Clarissa's guardian, friend, and adviser, he likes to think that he can guide her, but would never admit that she has him wrapped around her little finger.
  • Jeremy Warrender: Age 20s to 30s. An elegant young man and guest at the Hailsham-Brown's house, the private secretary for a man much wealthier than he.
  • Oliver Costello: Age 40s. He is suspected of shady dealings. None of the other characters like him and neither should the audience -- even though he is killed in the first act, his body gets to hang around in the second act.
  • Inspector Lord: Age flexible. The wheels are always turning in his brain. Although he doesn't let on, he doesn't miss a thing.
  • Mr. Elgin: The butler - middle aged. Nothing escapes his attention
  • Hugo Birch: Age 40+. The local Justice of the Peace. A rather irascible type who shouldn't be involved in business like a murder.
  • Constable Jones: Age 20s and up. He and the Inspector have been working together long enough that they understand each other well.
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