Plays / 2018 - 2019 SEASON

Is He Dead
by Mark Twain, as adapted by David Ives.
Sep 28-Oct 14, 2018

A stage comedy involving renowned 19th-century French painter Jean-François Millet. In it, Twain fictionalizes the artist as faking his own death to increase the value of his paintings and returning as his own twin sister to reap the rewards.

The Lion in Winter
by James Goldman.
Nov 30-Dec 16, 2018

It's Christmas time in the year 1183, and King Henry has gathered his rebellious queen and his warring sons to discuss who will be the next king. Henry's young mistress and the king of France are there, too. What can go wrong? The tone is comedic but the stakes are dead serious.

The Importance of Being Earnest
by Oscar Wilde.
Jan 18-Feb 3, 2019

"A trivial comedy for serious people" This story of two Victorian aristocrats trying to escape their social burdens, by means of fake identities, contains all of Oscar Wilde's characteristic wit, Victorian charm, and biting social commentary, without ever becoming too serious.

The Crimes of Diana Eastlake
by Mort Paterson
Mar 8-24, 2019

Diana Eastlake, a rich NYC socialite, faces a crisis when her daughter is kidnapped in Syria. She can raise the ransom by bankrupting herself, but it's illegal to pay ransom to terrorists. Will she go ahead, and if she does, can she pull it off and stay out of jail? The answers may surprise you.

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
by Stephen Adly Guirgis.
Apr 26-May 12, 2019

Set in a time-bending, darkly comic world between heaven and hell, Stephen Adly Guirgis' play reexamines the plight and fate of one of history's most infamous and unexplained sinners.

Exit the King
by Eugène Ionesco
May 31-Jun 16, 2019

Ionesco's absurdist exploration of ego and mortality is set in the crumbling throne-room of the palace in an unnamed country where King Berenger the First has only the duration of the play to live.

The Winter's Tale
by William Shakespeare
July 12-28, 2019

Shakespeare's play looks at first like a tragedy, but morphs into a romantic comedy, with two kings, a queen, a prince and princess, some shepherds, a musical con man, and much more.