Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare.
Jul 13 - Aug 4, 2018

Directed by George Hartpence and Carol Thompson.

A love so right, a world so wrong

A pair of star-crossed lovers take the stage, with lush period detail, in Shakespeare's passionate and tragic tale of warring families and young love. When Juliet and Romeo, children of enemies, meet at a fateful dance, a love for the ages ignites, until fate and a legacy of hatred turns the world against them. Kelly Colleran (Juliet) and Nicholas Napoli (Romeo) join a large cast of ActorsNET favorites and newcomers in this timeless story of love, hatred and tragic consequences.

Produced by special arrangement with the author.

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Co-Directors:George Hartpence and Carol Thompson
Producer (Fonthill):Heather Hicks

Stage Manager:Em Ricciardi
Stage Assistants:Carolyn Cuesta & Keli Ganey
Lighting Design:Andrena Wishnie
Sound Operator:Isaiah Davis
Set, Light & Sound Cordination:Jamie Bailey
Stage Combat:Mark Holbrow, Fencing Master at BCAF
Fight Captain:Cat Miller
Choreography:Joy Woffindin
Costumes:Scaramouche Costumes & ActorsNET
In order of Appearance
the Chorus:Mort Paterson
Helena:Carolyn Cuesta
Livia:Keli Ganey
Sigior Martino:Jim Cordingley
County Anselme:Joy Woffindin
Sampson:Kira Scharf
Gregory:Joe Stockette
Abraham:Matthew Newcomer
Balthasar:Tim Faulkner
Benvolio:Chris Capitolo
Tybalt:Matthew Duchnowski
Capulet:David Swartz
Lady Capulet:Theresa Forsyth Swartz
Capulet (Fonthill):George Hartpence
Lady Capulet (Fonthill):Carol Thompson
Montague:Tom Stevenson
Lady Montague:Kimberly Hess
Prince Escalus:Jamie Bradley
Romeo:Nick Napoli
Paris:Tom Smith
Peter:Hans Peters
Nurse:Lori Baldwin
Juliet:Kelly Colleran
Mercutio:Cat Miller
Rosaline:Joy Woffindin
Old Capulet:Marco Newton
Friar Laurence:DJ Holcombe
Apothecary:Marco Newton
Friar John:Jim Cordingley
Watchmen:Matthew Newcomer
Kira Scharf
Joe Stockette
Joy Woffindin

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