Cheaper by the Dozen
Written by Christopher Sergel
Dec. 5 - 21, 2014

The father of 12 children is an efficiency expert, and runs his family the way he would run a factory. Problems (and laughs) ensue, along with touching moments of love and courage.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing Company.

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Producer & Stage Manager:Hayley Rubins-Topolesk
Director:Maryalice Rubins-Topoleski
Mr. Gilbreth Ken Ammerman
Mrs. Gilbreth Caren Cronin
Anne Monica Fotusky
Martha Olivia Schanbacher
Ernestine Melanie Nolan
Frank Jr. Shane Howell
Bill Griffin Kemp
Fred Colton Jiorle
Dan Alden Cronin
Lillian Abby Muzyk
Jackie Jonah Silberman
Mrs. Fitzgerald Rosie Karlin
Joe Scales Reise Bridgers
Dr. Burton Scott Cronin
Miss Brill Linda Cunningham
Larry Michael Kiss

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