Plays / 2013-2014 Season

Moon Over Buffalo
Written by Ken Ludwig
May 30 - Jun 15, 2014

Fading husband-and-wife stage stars hope to impress a famed Hollywood director to reclaim their fame and fortune, but, as fate would have it, everything that can go wrong does go wrong! Of course, it doesn't help that the couple is on the verge of splitting up because the husband has had a dalliance with the production company's young ingénue. Sight gags and frenzied hilarity about. Directed by Joe Doyle.

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Director:Joe Doyle

Assistant Director:Matthew Cassidy
Stage Manager:Kelly Allen
Poster Art:Sara Christensen
George Hartpence as George Hay
Carol Thompson as Charlotte Hay
Co-Starring (alphabetically)
Tess Ammerman 
John Bergeron 
James Cordingley 
Cheryl Doyle 
Andrew James Gordon 
Liz Rzasa 

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